Thursday 30 July 2009

More Madness at The Manse

blues brothers Here's Elwood [Dan Ackroyd] from the Blues Brothers. He is the one on the left of the picture, the taller, slimmer one, who is very cool and likes good music.

And here is Donna Sheridan [Meryl Streep] in Mamma Mia.

streep MMShe is the middle aged woman, who is independent, slightly crazy and mother of stunningly beautiful daughter.



And Thursday is Dress Up Day at Holiday Bible Club




 tall, cool music lover













...and one slightly crazy middle-aged mother





[NB I have two gorgeous daughters. I also think I shall never last the day in this wig. It is incredibly itchy!!]


  1. You two make a lovely couple. Maybe if the wig gets too itchy, you could wear Bob's hat and he could wear the wig? Just a thought.


  2. Hahaha! That's so funny!
    Cal x

  3. Oh Angela! You made me laugh out loud! That was my favorite part of Mama Mia! I kept thinking, "I have got to get in shape! How does Meryl have so much energy?" You are awesome! You live life to the full!

  4. does that mean you'll pay if I want to have a fabulous wedding on a greek island at some point? (assuming that's at least a decade away?!)
    Or does it mean that Colin Firth is my real father?

  5. Thanks for all the comments- I shall suggest the wig idea to Bob, Frances.
    I wore the wig from 8am - 1pm.It was AWFUL.
    NO Steph, to all of that! If I remember the film correctly, the idea was a cut price wedding using the facilities her mother had to hand. So I could possibly run you up a wedding dress out of some old curtains in the Great Stash, and serve a few sarnies in the Church Hall. And your Dad is DEFINITELY the tall, cool bloke in the hat!!!


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