Friday 31 July 2009

Showstoppers Day Five

The Drama Crew were brilliant today

 DSCF0180 DSCF0174














Lynda's wig today was actually dark blue!




Rather scary!!

We also had Stevie Starmaker, and a Radio Announcer in the cast today








Where did he get tat amazing suit?










Paul and David did a great job on the technical side of things


And PC Carl checked in to see how we were doing





Today's Craft was making Rainbow Scratch Mobiles, with an Easter/Resurrection theme.





DSCF0179 DSCF0181


DSCF0171 Staff and children have worked hard at the worksheets and the Bible Memory Verses



Yesterday's verse was from Matthew 1:23  - He will be called ‘Immanuel’ which means ‘God is with us’

One little girl came and found me and said "I'd like to say the verse from the front, but I keep having trouble with the 'I' word"

I think there is definitely a sermon illustration in that!

At the end we assembled for a staff photo


Taken by Jan, our Official Photographer for the week - her pictures are heaps better than mine, and every day she has put a huge display of fresh pictures up for the children and parents to look at.

[Numbers were down a bit today- it is the weekend and some children are off on holiday]

After the session, we took all the group names etc upstairs, ready for Sunday's Closing Service



Then we cleared everything up and sat round for a meal together - pizzas, hot dogs and cake. Somebody appears to have removed the two church can openers- but fortunately the Pastor has a trusty [if possibly very dangerous] Leatherman tool on hand to open cans...


Everybody mucked in to do the clearing up and cleaning up - and then we all went home [and some of us fell asleep!]


Just the Family Service and then we can ring down the curtain on Holiday Bible Club for another year!


  1. It's been great joining in the Showstoppers wth you.
    Cal x

  2. Wow! Everyone worked so hard for the good of the children! It's so encouraging to hear about all the fun activities, good teaching, and loving effort! Way to go, Angela!

  3. Just one question... why does Bob still have a headset mike on when he's cooking lunch?!

  4. I think the headset mike is welded on!


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