Wednesday 15 July 2009

Growing In Faith

Another busy day sorting out Holiday Club things. This afternoon I went to see my friend Elisabeth. partly to borrow a 'fascinator' to wear at a wedding next month, and mostly to catch up on news. She sat at one end of the kitchen table, making beautiful greetings cards [sorry, I really should have taken some photos, they were splendid creations] whilst I sat at the other end with a pair of pinking shears chopping lengths of gold ribbon to make crowns for the Bobblehead Kings.


This evening, after The Archers [oh why has Mike married Vicky? she is awful!] I went to photocopy more worksheets at the Church. Bob has hung up the banner

[thank you to Anu at Digital Print Leicester for very prompt service today after our original order with another company got forgotten]

It looks very good - and I hope it brings in some more last minute bookings.

We have some flower beds at the front of the church and another at the side, which are carefully tended by one of our church members. I knew he had some spare plants from his allotment and was amused to see the side bed now has lettuces and cabbages growing in it!


Does this count as 'guerilla gardening'?

Personally, I have no problem with vegetables in a church garden. The cabbages appear to have good hearts - and who could argue with sentiments like

Lettuce Pray  and Peas on Earth ?


  1. That's good gardening, every little bit of space thoughtfully used!

  2. What a sweet post, Angela. I want to come to Holiday Club! It sounds so dear and welcoming! The veggies in the church garden also speak of love! I love your village.

  3. LOL. When living in Lincolnshire everyone had cabbages and cauliflowers among the roses. And why not.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane with Bernard Cribbins.

  4. Those veggies will be just about ready for Harvest Festival!

    Hope the Holiday Club is successful!


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