Tuesday 28 July 2009

Feeling a Little Flushed

loo Last night, Bob went to the bathroom and the floor was damp. We decided it was because the window had been open during the very heavy storm. This morning, 6.35am, floor still damp. The loo is leaking! Fortunately Bob has been able to shut off the stopcock, and it isn't the only loo in the house. So we will let the floor dry out and sort the problem later. And we will unite in singing the golden oldie below [note verse 3 line 1]

O Christ, in Thee my soul hath found,
And found in Thee alone,
The peace, the joy I sought so long,
The bliss till now unknown.

I sighed for rest and happiness,
I yearned for them, not Thee;
But, while I passed my Savior by,
His love laid hold on me.

I tried the broken cisterns, Lord,
But, ah, the waters failed;
Even as I stooped to drink they fled,
And mocked me as I wailed.

The pleasures lost I sadly mourned,
But never wept for Thee,
Till grace the sightless eyes received,
Thy loveliness to see.

Now none but Christ can satisfy,
None other Name for me!
There’s love, and life, and lasting joy,
Lord Jesus, found in Thee.

On the subject of singing together - the Today Programme on Radio 4 has just done a report from the Atheist Children's Summer Camp in Somerset. They call that a Sing-Song??!! Sorry Mr Dawkins, Christians do the singing thing much better than that - those kids didn't sound like they were having fun at all. But what exactly are you offering them to sing about?


  1. Loved that hymn - especially as we had exactly the same problem as you a few months ago!!

    I have to say Baptist singing is a darn sight better than Anglican wishy-washy singing! Nothing like a good Baptist congregation belting out "And can it be" !!

    You may wonder why I am in an Anglican church. its a very long story.........

  2. My first thought reading this post was, my, you have a lovely bathroom floor!

    Ah, Atheist summer camp. Last week in our newspaper, there was an article about atheists getting "debaptized" (with a blow dryer, of all things). Sometimes I think these folks doth protest too much.


  3. Debaptized?? How batty. Presumably these were people who had been sprinkled at birth, not totally immersed as adult believers.

    We are using the other loo, and ignoring the faulty one. Bob will mend it at his own convenience!

  4. Gilly - there are some fab songs sung in Anglican churches - you need to put your foot down with a firm hand and sort them out to your way of thinking - lol :) (Good luck!!)

    Ang - I can not understand why a parent would send a kid to an atheist summer club. I am sure some of our holiday club parents who don't usually come to church are uncertain of their faith but want their kids to hear the Word.

    Sad world.

    Glad it's going great - you lucky thing you'll be done when I just start - lol!!

    Steve has just surprised me by saying he's having time off at the end of Aug to take me to Wells, Norfolk cos I've always said I'd love to see it :) Ain't life grrrrrreat!!

  5. Lynn- Wells Is Wonderful. I can recommend the Dutch Ship where they serve wonderful food, also the chippy on the quayside.
    Gilly- keep on singing your heart out and hope the Anglicans pick up the enthusiasm.
    Frances- the bathroom floor looks like it will take a while to dry out- but we are just glad it happened NOW and not whilst we were away for a fortnight[otherwise the whole house would have been baptized]

  6. Gilly, I'm in an Anglican Church too with wishy washy singing. The Baptist singing of my youth and middle age was much better but other issues weree a problem (in particular male dominance and male bullying etc).

    Ang, Lots of youngsters baptised in adolescence backslide or lose their faith completely. My daughter was totally immersed in baptism at 15 as a "job lot" with 8 others. Several are no longer practising Christians, one is a nominal RC. My daughter's faith is best described as being "on hold". She believes in God but has been sadly let down by Christians and is married to someone of another World Faith.

  7. Dear Anonymous - sorry, my comment re de-baptising with hairdryers wasn't very clear - I meant that they were just symbolically removing a bit of dampness from their heads - as opposed to drying their whole bodies.
    It is always sad when people slip away from the Lord - and I am very conscious of the responsibility we have, particularly when working with young people, to help them grow into a strong faith which will help them withstand the knocks of life.


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