Saturday 25 July 2009

Unexpected [but very welcome] Visitors

After a morning of preparation for Holiday Club, we got in around 2pm and there was a phone message from Bob's brother. They were coming up to the nearby Shopping Centre and could they pop in?

Which was great as we hadn't seen them for ages. Loads of family news to catch up on and they told us about their recent holidays.


Also, they brought my birthday present - a lovely summer handbag, handmade by the Dalit people in India. [Frank worked for WWF, and Barbara knows I like 'charity' gifts which benefit others]



It has useful zip pockets inside and is a good size.

When they left, our neighbours were returning from a Car Rally with their friends.




Aren't these vehicles great? [No, I know the Land Rover is not a vintage model - that is my in-laws' car!]

But I cannot sit here blogging

There is still more work to do...


  1. Love the bag and love the cars!
    Cal x

  2. very cute bag! A further tip for tahini... roast and then peel an aubergine, then blend with some garlic, tahini, salt and a little paprika... it's very tasty!

  3. Ooh I like the aubergine/tahini idea.
    So useful to have TWO lovely daughters who are better at cooking than I am!


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