Wednesday 22 July 2009

Never a Cross Word!


So we spend yet another day preparing for Holiday Bible Club...then I stopped for a teabreak and did the Times Crossword. The answer to 3 down today is SHOWSTOPPER. Continuing the Biblical theme, there is also THEIST and ISHMAEL

Not quite as suspicious as when the Daily Telegraph crossword in 1944 included code words for the D Day Landings - but still an odd coincidence. I shall wait to see what words come up tomorrow!


  1. Hi Angela!
    I reduced my posts per page and I hope that now my blog will move faster! Let me know if comments seem to take forever, too. THANKS! I hope Holiday Club is fun, fun, fun. I think that I am going to put on a little Granny's Holiday Club next summer when my grand girls are three!

  2. You said "I shall wait to see what words come up tomorrow!"

    "Don't do it" ?!!

    Am in the middle of making rockets, a space transporter, the planet saturn (as you do!) and a host of other holiday club nonsenses!!

  3. Hmmmm ... interesting goings-on in the Times' puzzle. Please keep us updated and informed regarding further developments and possible secret messages.



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