Friday 31 July 2009

Totally Confused

image It has been a long and busy week [but a very  happy and productive one]

Now I am home and struggling with a Blog Query - can anybody out there please help on this one?

I read the various funny, thoughtful and kind comments recently sent to my blog, and published them. Including one from H in which [I think] antennae [or it might have been aerials, I am half asleep!] were mentioned, and there was a hyperlink attached.

HOWEVER I cannot now find which blogpost that comment referred to, and I cannot therefore follow H's link. I have checked back my last few blogposts and still cannot track down the comment.

  • Does anyone know- is there a quick way to search for blog comments?
  • If you are H, would you comment again please ? - just in case I inadvertently deleted your kind remarks instead of posting them.Then I can follow up your link properly.
  • If anyone else has noticed this comment somewhere on my blog, perhaps you could comment and tell me where it is!


  1. can you remember roughly what it said? If you type the text into google it seems to be quite good at finding things.

    PS As part of my grand clear out I have a few fat quarters you might like for great stash?

  2. C- thanks, in my befuddled post-Showstoppers state I hadn't thought of googling the comment- but unfortunately only got bizarre answers!!

    And yes please to Fat Quarters, if you feel you don't want to take them with you when you go!!

  3. And this is how it got to be a Great Stash!


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