Tuesday 7 July 2009

Hung Out To Dry!

pegbag When we were in Norwich a few weeks ago, Bob spotted this rather clever peg-bag in the Lakeland Shop.

We particularly liked the drawstring top, and the handy carabiner hook for fixing it to the washing line, or your belt. We did not like the price tag!


DSCF0015£8.97 seemed rather excessive.

  So back to the Great Stash, and once I had finished my Doorstop Marathon, I made my own version. I think I am getting a little obsessive about naming things though. [That is the trouble with having the embroidery machine - if I possess a bit of expensive kit, I feel it ought to be getting lots of use to justify its existence.]


It's throwing it down with rain right now - and we are just off to Manchester for Charlie's funeral tomorrow.

High spot of the morning at school- Year Three klearnign about Ancient Greeks, discussing our word 'alphabet' and its derivation. "Miss, did you know the first three letters of the Greek Alphabet are  alpha, beta, grandma ?"


  1. Love it!
    You are so clever, tossing off these amazing sewing projects at the drop of a hat!

  2. I love alpha, beta, grandma!
    Your peg bag is very chic! You are a go getter!

  3. Thinking of you and Bob as you head north for Charlie's funeral. Please pass my condolences to Ron & Jenny and to Tim & fmaily if the opportunity arises.

  4. I like your peg bag! Mine is also home-made, many years ago, so its looking very frayed, and goes right over my body, so pegs are handy at waist height. Very useful when you have a "whirly-bird" triangular clothes line!


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