Friday 17 July 2009

First Class Male

Today Bob and I worked almost non-stop on Holiday Club preparation- but took a break at 10.30am to nip down to the Post Office. Malcolm, who has owned and run the village PO for 23 years retired today and there was a 'bit of a do'. Sandra and Jane, who work behind the counter in the shop had organised drinks and nibbles


Quite a few people dropped in to wish Malcolm well for his retirement. There was much laughter - don't know why Stella looked so worried about being photographed though!


Malcolm [on the right here] would not turn round and be photographed properly


m& joan Here's a better picture of him from back in April, when Joan, another PO staff member retired.

I am glad that two women have taken over running the Post Office. People were concerned at first that it might close when Malcolm retired. It is a vital part of our Village Community and an important service - especially for the elderly and those without transport who find it hard to get into Leicester.

I mentioned that I got some sewing done yesterday - that included shortening two pairs of maternity trousers for my friend Sam. She goes on holiday tomorrow- but dropped round briefly this evening. One blueberry flan seems a very fair exchange for some hemming!

It had a lovely almond/frangipane flavour, and the pastry crust was of a delicious melt-in-your-mouth texture. Thanks Sam!



Q - What has four legs and flies?

A - Two pairs of trousers!


  1. It's so important to keep shops and post offices in villages, so many have been closed down, and that makes it impossible for people without transport.

  2. Hi Angela,

    I hope you enjoy your weekend in London. I love reading your blog and catching up on all the goings on in Kirby Muxloe. I've recently begun blogging myself once again, trying to write about my weekends now they're not filled with studying!



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