Tuesday 14 July 2009

The Truth, The Hole Truth...

An item in today's paper reminded me of another of Dad's ditties

Do you remember, as a child, on really hot summer days, walking home from school past the road menders, and inhaling the smell of the hot tar? Well, change that smell - in future you could be smelling

aggregate industries

chip fat instead! According to the Times, Aggregate Industries, a Leicester firm, have a new product. They have developed a way of mixing crushed rock with waste vegetable oil to make road surfacing material. Traditionally, the rock is mixed with bitumen - which is oil-based, therefore expensive and has a larger carbon footprint. This new method saves money and the environment. Trials are planned in the county soon.

image VERY OLD JOKE...

Two brothers of a religious order opened a Fish and Chips store to raise money for their monastery. A fellow comes in and says to the one behind the counter,"You must be the FISH FRIAR, ha ha".
The counterman replies, "No I'm the CHIP MONK!!"


  1. My children used to love Bernard Cribbins and his songs.
    Terrible monk joke Ang!!!!!

  2. Groan.
    Lynn Bowles (I think it was her not Sally Boaseman)commented on the Sarah Kennedy show that she thought brekafast cerealwould do a better job - everyone knows that once it's dried it's stuck to the bowl for good!

  3. C - I think you have a point. Weetabix and porridge are both really hard to shift if you leave your breakfast bowl un-washed-up, go off to work and do not remember about it till supper time!

  4. Angela, I love Philippians 2:1-4 on your sidebar. Beautiful!

  5. Ang, you don't how much I enjoyed listening to that Bernard Cribbins song. So very cool.

    Oh, I agree with you regarding Vicky and Mike! Oh dear!


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