Thursday 2 July 2009

Too Darn Hot!

This great Cole Porter song, from 'Kiss Me Kate' - along with an interesting post from Dulce Domum about her genetic heritage left me thinking about my reaction to this extremely hot weather.

This is far more than 'Wesleyan' [the family adjective implying strangely warmed'] and I am not coping well at all. My usual unstoppable energetic little self is drooping pathetically.

But I do not cope with extremes of cold either [especially when it comes to my feet and my sticky-out-ears] and find myself wanting to hibernate.

I think one of my daughters may have some lizard DNA as she seems to thrive in the heat and is quite happy visiting parts of the world [Malawi, Brazil, Dubai, Seville, Greece etc] which would leave me wilting miserably. Actually it's probably something to do with the Continental genes from her Dad's side of the family

Therefore I have concluded my favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn. I like things just...comfortable. But 'lukewarm' is such a pejorative term. Makes me feel like those pitiful Laodiceans in Revelation chapter 3!

Like Rose, in C S Forester's fabulous story "African Queen" I am in need of constant cups of tea

"Tea! Heat and thirst and excitement had done their worst for Rose. She was limp and weary and her throat ached. The imminent prospect of a cup of tea roused her to trembling excitement. Twelve cups of tea each Samuel and she had drunk daily for years...Tea! A cup of tea! Two cups of tea! Half a dozen great mugs, strong, delicious, revivifying...

...She gulped down mug after mug. For a moment her body temperature shot up to fever heat, but presently there came a blissful perspiration - a beneficent and cooling fluid, bringing with it a feeling of ease and well being. "Those Belgians up at the mine wouldn't never drink tea" said Allnutt..."they didn't know what was good"

Two final comments - first, that my own personal Belgian is as fond of tea as I am [a useful qualification for a member of the clergy. He even has a mug which says "More Tea Vicar?" on the side!] and second - I thank the Lord daily [well, hourly, in this weather] that He never called me to be a missionary in Hot and Sultry Climes, Where Apes Swing To And Fro [as the old hymn puts it] I am not sure I would achieve anything for the Kingdom of God under such conditions!


  1. My vicar doesn't like tea. I onced squeaked at him "why won't you have a cup of tea?" He simply said that he wasn't going to drink something he didn't like just so I could have the pleasure of saying "more tea vicar?" He knows me too well.

  2. I have turned into a blob in the heat...

  3. who are you calling a lizard?! Hot weather's lovely...

  4. Ah I feel the Lord is calling you to the deepest tropical parts of this world.

    Or is that just the voices in my head? Wibble.

    I quite like this weather. I feel all holidayish, but I can't sit out in it for long and am moving slower than a tortoise.

    I'd love to find that mug for our Pastor! He has one that just says, 'Pastor' but that's a little dull...although he has a coaster which depicts Moses, the Israelites and the parted Red Sea with the caption, "What do you mean it's a bit muddy?!"

  5. DD - just been to the Induction of an Anglican Vicar. Afterwards they served Pimms! [you don't get that at BAPTIST dos!!]
    Sarah - the mug came from Whittards

    To all my friends- blobs or lizards - I send Warmest Wishes!

  6. I'm definitely a blob! All I want to do is stand under a tepid shower! Can't wait for the rain to arrive and wash out the grass pollen, either!!


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