Sunday 13 December 2009

Advent Reflection #3

Pause in Advent Logo from Floss

The TV and radio, magazines and newspapers, are all busy telling us what are the foods this Christmas season, it seems everyone  has an opinion as to what we should be eating - whether it is untried and innovative, [Delia's "Feuilles de Brick" pastry from Waitrose , or Phil Vickery's Three-Bird-Roast from Aldi] - or trusted and traditional [Jamie's turkey from Sainsburys and Stephen Fry's mince pies from M&S]

One tradition I resolutely maintain in this house as an Advent food, is a cup of tea and plate of these...

hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns at CHRISTMAS - surely they are an EASTER food?

It is good for us to remember that the Crib leads to the Cross.

"To you is born a Saviour" said the angel.

This year, Bob has introduced us at church to a great new carol by Stuart Townend. Wonderful lyrics - and here's a super video

When Love came down to earth and made His home with man
The hopeless found a hope, the sinner found a friend
Not to the powerful, but to the poor He came
And humble, hungry hearts were satisfied in Him

When every unclean thought and every sinful deed
Was scourged upon his back and hammered through his feet
The Innocent is cursed, the guilty are released
The punishment of God on God has brought me peace

Come lay your heavy load down at the Master’s feet
Your shame will be removed, your joy will be complete
Come crucify your pride and enter as a child
For those who bow down low He’ll lift up to His side

What joy, what peace has come to us
What hope, what help, what love

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  1. Stuart Townsend songs are inspirational. I met him years ago at a Greenbelt festival.


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