Thursday 31 December 2009

Time For Tea

I was making a batch of tissue holders and started playing about with the 6" x 7" pieces of fabric I had cut out. And I came up with these - for two friends who prefer fruit teas to regular. I thought they would find these little folders useful to pop into their handbags. You never know when you are going to be offered a cuppa!


Dead easy to make

Take 2 pieces 6" x 7" and one piece 5" x 7". Fold the smaller piece in half to make a 2½" x 7" rectangle. Cut a piece of tape about 4" long for button loop.



If you want to personalise the front panel in anyway do it now! Any embellishments should be in the top right hand corner of the outer piece


I sewed a piece on my embroidery machine - but you could do a cross stitch motif, felt initials, hand embroidery - the sky is the limit!

Now stack your pieces in this order

First 'outside' fabric - right side up.

Then small pocket - placed about a third of the way down

Then the inner lining right side down

Now tuck the tab in - between the outer fabric and small pocket.


Sew round top and sides, and clip top corners


Turn the whole thing right way out. Cut two 3" squares of card


Push the two bits of card up inside the holder, making sure they go right out to the edges.

Tuck in the raw edges at the bottom, and press everything thoroughly. Stitch along that edge.


Fold up the bottom pocket and pin in place. Stitch up the centre between the two pieces of card. Then handstitch the sides of the pocket.


Finally sew a button on the back, fill with teabags and fasten!



I think I'll go and put the kettle on!


  1. What a lovely idea. Great gifts that look good and will be incredibly useful.

  2. Fantastic! What a sweet idea! I usually shove my tea into my lunch bag, but this is much better! Thank you for such nice instructions! YOU are a born teacher!

  3. Ooh, like this idea! Thanks Ang! x

  4. I bet your friends will all be putting orders in for these--cottonreel--------very smart lettering


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