Saturday 19 December 2009

The Guilt And The Gingerbread

Well, actually it is shortbread. and the guilt refers to the fact that over five years ago, I bought this pan and it has remained pristine in its cardboard sleeve ever since!


We were in our Silver Wedding Trip to the USA in 2004, and it was reduced to about £3 in a kitchen shop [What a bargain - I must have it, I declared] It weighs a ton, it is made of cast iron and Bob and the girls were convinced we would have to pay excess baggage at the airport. We didn't. And I was convinced it would be 'ever so useful'

Every so often, I am gently reminded about this - and asked when exactly will I make the shortbread I was so adamant I needed the mould for? And a sense of guilt washes over me ...

So this afternoon I climbed up and fetched the pan down from the top cupboard. And...


...made it!

I used the recipe on the back of the card and they are not like any shortbread biscuits I have ever tasted before - they're more like cookies - and despite my best efforts, the letters went over the edges of their moulds. I shall try again with a proper British recipe. But not just yet - may wait another five years!

Bob has sampled one letter. He says they are now officially Christmas Biscuits - because there is No 'L' !

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  1. It took me a moment...but then I got the no 'L' pun. :)


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