Tuesday 8 December 2009

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Monday - we began with admin stuff and essential phone calls to Funeral Directors etc  [Day Off doesn't quite happen properly in December] then went off to IKEA. Bob's best armchair, and ancient piece of furniture, has just about died, and Liz and Steph kindly gave him IKEA vouchers on his birthday towards a new one.poang

Gorgeous, brown leather, with matching footstool.

I was really pleased - I posted the other week about my straw wreath


I got this last January for 50p in the bargain corner - well today they were selling them for £11.99! I felt very smug this morning. Must work out what to do with mine now! .

darwin fish


Saw a car with this emblem, parked in the IKEA car park. Bob explained it was a Darwin fish - intended as a parody of the usual Christian Icthus emblem. I though it looked odd. I wonder what other people make of it?

We didn't buy much else in IKEA, and came back via Market Bosworth [that should be renamed Up-Market Bosworth, prices are so high there] The market place is looking very pretty, all the shops work hard at their festive window displays.

italy Then I wrapped some parcels and took them to the Post Office. Slight delay there - I was sending my Blog Giveaway gift to Michaela in Italy, and the lady behind the counter stared and stared at her computer screen for ages. Then finally said to her colleague "Where is Venice?" [Actually I had addressed the package really carefully, and put Venice, ITALY on the label]  Having established it was Italy, she processed it. I was quite baffled when the next parcel - which was definitely much smaller and lighter, and just going to Scotland, only cost 20p less.

Then off to another teachers' training session. The trainer was helping us to teach reading and wrote "ghoti" on the flipchart and asked how to pronounce it**. I was quite surprised that only two of us had come across this one before. Our English teacher showed us this one when we were at school. [**If you don't know, check it here - although there is strong evidence that GBS was not the originator of the conundrum]

I dropped in briefly to the Knitting Group at Borders - nobody knows where that will end up when the shop closes, and nobody knows when the shop is closing [least of all the staff - although one said they are hoping for a buy-out by some other company]

Came home to find Bob relaxing in the newly-assembled chair.

And now I must stop blogging and get on with proper admin! If I get that done and some tidying up, I shall put up some Christmas bits The Window Man is not coming for at least another week apparently, so I am not waiting any longer. The other decorations were fetched down from the loft on Sunday - our good friend Nick was with us for the day, and he nobly stood at the bottom of the ladder and took all the boxes and stuff I was passing to him, which made the job so much quicker and easier than clambering up and down by myself.


  1. Perhaps the window man will take a look at your decorations and decide he cant bear to spoil them, so come back another day?

  2. Hello, that ghoti thing is as old as the houses isn't it! It came up not once but TWICE on my Returners course and the tutors seem to have just discovered it and are so pleased with themselves. I hate sounding like a know-all but equally hate faking surprise. So I just groan.

  3. Venice is one of my favourite cities.

    I've not seen the Darwin fish before. If you hadn't written about it I would have assumed it was a funky Christian fish, lol!


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