Tuesday 22 December 2009

The Pastor's Wife Spends Evening At The Pub!


Every year, BBC Radio Leicester broadcasts 'Sing Christmas', a one hour programme of carols and readings - and people all over the county [and a few far-flung Leicester people in France] listen in on their radios and join in the singing.

We gathered at the local pub - with the hosts Mark and Sarah - to participate in the event. Organised by the local 'Churches Together' committee, our diligent CT Secretary Sue was there in good time to organise chairs and tables and setting out of crackers etc. Bob and Paul set up the radio and loudspeakers.


DSCF1049The programme involved sharing mince pies, pulling crackers and drinking a toast. Venues were invited to text in - and so we were mentioned, and cheered enthusiastically.


After the radio programme had finished, we had a session of singing carols 'folk-style' accompanied by a live band. That was good fun - but why did Bob keep his paper crown on, do you think?


We were quite exhausted by the time we got home - but all agreed it was a good programme [better than last year!]


  1. Looks great. I missed doing Sing Christmas this year...maybe I need to start working on Radio Scotland ...?

  2. You could always listen to the Leicester one via the Internet, like the folk in France do.
    Hope you are not too cold and snowbound up north x

  3. Why did he keep his paper crown on? To conceal the absence of hair!

    Had to take it off after a while because it was going soft from the heat of my sweating brow. Sorry if that's too much information!


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