Monday 14 December 2009

Sock It To Me, Baby!


I've hung my Christmas Stocking up, AND Grandma's too

I've written to old Santa Claus to tell HIM what to do

I asked my Grandma what she wants,

She put on her specs and shook her head -

and "Fiddlesticks!" was all she said

I don't know what she wants them for - she wouldn't say

She hasn't GOT a fiddle, and I'm SURE she couldn't play!


Not sure who wrote that ditty - but my grandmother taught it to me when I was about 5! I remembered it after Sunday's service when I saw all these socks hanging up at the front of the church. They look quite festive, don't you think!

We are collecting warm socks and gloves to send out to our missionaries, the Williamsons, in Peru. [their blog is here] It gets incredibly cold there in a few months, and they will be able to give these warm items away. We put a big basket in the Church Vestibule, and folk have dropped stuff in for the last few weeks. At the end of the Nativity Play, four Sunday School Teachers pegged all the pairs of gloves and socks on the washing line during the last hymn! People have been really generous - I counted about 100 pairs in total, and I think there are more items to come.

The children were brilliant this morning, and acted out their parts really well. It must have been the shortest service ever - but that gave us lots  of time to talk over coffee and mince pies!


  1. What a lovely collection of gloves and socks.How sensible.
    Double post today!

  2. What a fab idea...hanging up all the woollies before sending them off....they look great! :)

  3. Hi Angela!
    Gretchen Joanna visits your blog and she is sad that she is unable to comment. It has something to do with the pop out window. Is there anyway you can enable the pop out window on your dashboard so she can leave comments? She especially enjoyed the post about the found keys! Have a lovely day, friend!

  4. Sorry about the double posting!
    PomPom, I think if GJ tries two or three times in a row she should be able to get comments up - sometimes it rejects the first time,but be persistent. Other people seem to have had this issue with 'blogger' blogs.
    thanks for the comment though


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