Saturday 5 December 2009

Long In The Tooth?

tooth My friend PomPom has a post this week all about aging [click here]. I was particularly amused by the section regarding teeth. We had our dental check-ups this week and I mentioned that lately my gums were prone to bleeding. [And no I haven't been walking naked through cornfields like the woman on the Corsodyl ad!]

The dentist inquired about my denture - I have ONE tooth on a bridge, which replaces the baby tooth which finally came out when I was 34, and nothing grew to fill the gap.

Apparently the advice given to me then was wrong [wear the thing as much as possible] I am supposed to take it out at night. So for the last two nights it has reposed in a small shot glass on the bathroom shelf.

But I don't like seeing it there, it looks sort of sinister.

chopper hopper 2 PomPom however refers to an amazing article called a 'Personalized Chopper Hopper' which she purchased for her Grandmother one Christmas.

Actually, the expression on those faces looks equally sinister. I shall stick with the shot glass, I think.


Q; What's the dentists' favourite hymn

A; 'Abide with me' - because it contains the line 'change and decay in all around I see'


  1. me thinks she doth protest too much on the Corsodyl ad - you did get a nasty cold and the weather has been a bit fresh lately ?? !!!!!!!!!

    Now let that be a lesson to you , my girl :)

  2. Havent seen the ad, but my heart was gladdened by the thought of you trailing through the field with very little on!!

  3. My sister responded when she read about the chopper hoppers, too. We found them at what used to be called ten cent stores or dime stores. I'll look around next time I go antique shopping, and I'll try to find a happy looking chopper hopper for your lone tooth!

  4. Ooer! Don't mention dentists....I have a check-up next week!

    Angela, just stopping by to let you know I have a new blog...hope you can visit some time!

    Love, Tina (used to have Cinnamon Whirls blog) xx

  5. It is far too cold and wet here for traipsing in fields, with or without garments!
    Good to hear from you again Tina! Hope dentist's check up goes ok - though I find the biggest pain is usually in my purse when I come to pay!


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