Friday 18 December 2009

Yo-yos, Triangles and Irises

I was in school briefly today, to take the end-of-term Christmas assembly. The Year 6 children were very keen to show me the decorations they had been making this week.

First, they had produced Christmas wreaths using fabric yo-yos


A very simple idea, and then embellished with stick on 'jewels'

I really must do some yo-yo crafts myself, having purchased a yo-yo maker in a sale a few months ago.

The display of wreaths hanging on the wall looked very striking.


DSCF1025  Then they had made Christmas cards, with folded pieces of card and different coloured triangles for Christmas trees. Again another very simple idea which produces effective results.


Finally they had done 'Iris' folding, to make designs to decorate calendars which they are going to give as gifts to Grans, Mums and Aunties!



Having removed the net curtains in the lounge, in anticipation of the Window Man, I decided things looked a little bare. So I strung some golden baubles instead [another bargain - £1 for 48 from B&Q January Sale 2009]

DSCF1028Looking at the photo, I have just realised that I've put three golden balls at each pane - hope passers by do not think this is a row of Pawnbrokers!


  1. Hi Ang, obviously I am out of touch with UK culture but I thought Yo Yo's were the wooden/plastic things that go up and down on a string?!?
    I introduced iris folding to Hebron and it has taken off all over the school. It is a great craft and really cheap as it can be done with any type of paper/ribbon etc. Did you know it was origionally started by 2 Dutch ladies who used the inside of old envelopes (which are apparetnly more colourful in Holland!)

  2. Hi Elizabeth. I remember you telling me you were teaching the girls in India to do Iris folding. I'd heard that the two dutch ladies used TEABAG wrappers, and in some countries it is called teabag folding - but I also know that many people specialise in blue papers recycled from the inside of bank envelopes.
    Yoyo I think is the US name, in britain they are often called 'suffolk puffs' - check out about yoyo's here -
    and here -

    blessings xx

  3. Yo-yos...another craft thing I have on my list to try. The problem with me is, I don't like making lots of the same thing, hence the lack of knitted or patchwork blankets or throws in my house! I am amazed I actually made the 3d paper snowflake, considering I had to make 6 pieces the same! Lol!

    (love your golden bauble window decorations...rather classy-looking I reckon!)

  4. Actually tea bag folding is a completly different craft, I have taught that too. That is where you make 6 or 8 little units and join them together to make a rossette. This link shows one way of doing it but there are many.

  5. Oh dear - that's yet ANOTHER craft I shall have to investigate, I never realised it was something different.
    No wonder thehousework keeps getting neglected!


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