Thursday 17 December 2009

Tying The Knot

This morning I dashed to the Bank, and then called in to a nearby poundshop in order to get some new black shoelaces for Bob [changing one set between best shoes/black trainers is a time-consuming business!] "I need 90cm, black, please" I said to the guy.

"Oh, there is an assortment of black and brown on this card" he said.


Which there is indeed - but I am intrigued that the card proclaims assorted sizes- but every pair of laces is 90cm long. For £1 I am not complaining [and even if they snap, bob will have plenty of replacements!]

I am way too busy to worry about shoelaces at the minute - so have no time to check out this website. Ian, whoever he is, is obviously obsessed with the issue, claiming that "Whether you want to learn to lace shoes, tie shoelaces, stop shoelaces from coming undone, calculate shoelace lengths or even repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer!" Bizarrely, that is the second time in a week I have come across the word aglets. It deserves to be used regularly!


  1. How bizarre! Maybe they didnt know what the word assorted means??
    Aglets, lovely word.

  2. You might enjoy this song by Chatterbox's favourite cartoon characters:

    "And in the end the most important thing
    Is that we all don't forget
    The end of a shoelace is called the..."

  3. What a fabulous little video - thanks for that Sarah!

  4. Weird about the "Assorted Sizes"! But hey, 12 pairs for a pound, who's complaining.

    I hope you do find the time some day to check out my Shoelace Site. You may discover something to educate or entertain either yourself or Bob!


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