Wednesday 23 December 2009

Two Daughters And Many Friends


Liz got home around 6.30, and friends started arriving at 7 for the Open House. This picture is specially for Elizabeth in India - showing her Mum and Dad enjoying themselves [btw E - my last couple of emails have unexpectedly bounced back, undelivered. Sorry!]

It was a cold, damp night, and Bob's Warm Spiced Apple Juice proved very popular. Perhaps I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Richard's shoelace snapped as he arrived - and it was great to be able to say "Let us give you another pair - we have loads upstairs" [see here]

Blogging will be rather sporadic for the next few days a; it is Christmas, and b; Liz is sleeping in this room, so my access to the PC will be limited.

Hope you are all enjoying your time together with families and friends - it is good to read on other blogs that other friends' children have got home safely.


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