Thursday 17 December 2009

Stars, Snowflakes And Tear Drops

Just a very quick post about a Christmas Idea which I read about back in October, and have been teaching people [almost ad nauseam] ever since.

IH cover I first read about it in this magazine, and made one straightaway.

The basic shape makes an attractive teardrop.

Six joined together make a stunning star/snowflake.

Today I have read at least three other blogs about the idea!

snowflake page

Here's one picture I found online

2007_1224Christmas0004-1  And a simple tutorial

Go on, find some scrap paper and try it out!


  1. Snowflakes from teardrops - made me think of thje song 'beauty for brokenness' as if somehow the genuine pain and sorrow can combine to bring somehting beautiful and lovley. This has given me an idea from one of my January servcices which has the working title 'beauty from brokenness'. Thank you!

    Btw this is not trivialising the reality of pain and sorrow, or a twee 'Jesus will make it right' theolgoy, rather a sense that out of brokenness can come beauty. (Well it makes sense to me!)

  2. Going to try that right now. A good tutorial but could have done without the background music.

  3. Ooo, they're lovely! Going to give those a go to string up around the flat. Always looking for ways to make decorations from stuff lying around as sooooo expensive buying fancy new ones. Thank you! xx

  4. Thanks for this lovely project Ang...I just tried it and posted my efforts on my blog! Great fun! :)

  5. I would like to try this -- they look like true works of art.

    Warm wishes



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