Saturday 19 December 2009

Be Prepared!

Bob went out quite early to do some Pastoral Visiting, and I put Carols on the CD player [why do they always sing 'wind' to rhyme with 'find' and not to rhyme with 'sinned'?] and started on the housework. I did lots of laundry and I had just finished off the cake when Bob came back.


I'm not very pleased with it this year- the icing wasn't quite right and the Magi all started sliding drunkenly over the edge. Anyway, Bob said we should go next door as the teenagers were having a tabletop sale in aid of the Scouts. It is FREEZING out there, I don't imagine they will get many punters. We did want to encourage them though - so we bought a few books...


...and a useful resource for school


...and a copy of Sir Jacob Astley's Prayer Before the Battle of Edgehill in 1642. This Royalist soldier came from Norfolk originally - and was appointed Commander Of The Infantry on the morning of the battle.

The words seem quite appropriate for our hectic life this month...


They also had a string of cute bunting in a box under the table. "You don't need it. You have bunting. If you want bunting, you can always make your own" said Bob. The lads only wanted £4 for our haul, but were very short of change, so we gave them a fiver and went home for lunch.

Then I went back for the bunting by myself!

DSCF1034 And now I have run out of excuses for prevaricating, so I shall go and do the ironing, like the true submissive spouse I really am.



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