Wednesday 23 December 2009

Flowers, Food, Festivities

We have been busy getting ready for the Open House. An unexpected gift of flowers has brightened the spot in the window where the Christmas Tree would usually go.


Bob was concerned about the squeakiness of the tumble dryer and went to investigate. Quite pleased to find a fiver bunging up the filter...


Does this count as money laundering?

All the food is ready


Steph and Bob have prepared some interesting drinks

I just keep stopping to enjoy the flowers!


Now Bob has gone off to the Motorway services to collect Liz - it will be really good to have her home.

Things are just about ready now, and I have even managed to return my Library Books [and their Christmas Quiz] and collect a load more to read next week.

Sounds like a car outside - must go!!


Thank you everyone for all your kind enquiries and prayers for Liz and Jon's safe return from Paris.

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  1. What a lovely find in your dryer. I'll bet you were glad it hadn't disintegrated into a thousand bits.


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