Wednesday 2 December 2009

Comfort Food

All that preparation for school [even preparing a blogpost in advance, to publish itself this morning] and when it came to it, The Cold And Cough was much worse, and I am confined to barracks, all alone and sick of daytime TV [and now there's no Everwood to watch either!]

I made a big steaming mug of honey and lemon and took paracetamol.


It tastes infinitely better than the stuff in LemSip sachets!

Bob's out at [yet another] funeral and so I was lunching alone. I decided to prepare one of my favourite comfort foods and "Go To Work On An Egg"- Sunshine Toast. I found this recipe in Mum's "My Weekly" magazine when I was about 12, and it is one of the few ways I really enjoy eggs.


  • pre heat the grill to a high setting
  • prepare two slices of toast, and butter them
  • optional - spread toast with Marmite or sprinkle with grated cheese or add a slice of ham
  • separate two eggs [keep the yolks carefully in their shells]
  • beat the whites till really stiff, season with salt and pepper
  • put the toast onto a Pyrex plate
  • divide the whites between the slices, and make two hollows for the yolks. Carefully drop yolks in place
  • pop all this under the grill, cook until the top is golden
  • enjoy!

[WARNINGS -probably not good for the young/pregnant or elderly - and mind out, the plate gets VERY hot too!]


You know what they say in France - "An Oeuf is as good as a Feast"

my weekly

My mum was fond of two magazines- "My Weekly" , and "The People's Friend"

Both of these are produced in Scotland by D C Thomson [home to Dandy and Beano as well!]

The amazing thing about PF is that I have been reading it** for fifty years - and it doesn't appear to have changed AT ALL!!

fRIENDThe website says "With a strong base of captivating fiction, a dash of crafts, a sprinkling of gardening and of course a good dose of tempting recipes, The People’s Friend is the perfect ingredient to brighten any woman’s day.
To appreciate the full flavour of ‘The Friend’, it’s best read in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea and lots of time to spare."

**I do feel I should point out that I have never actually bought a copy - but there was always one around at the homes of my Mum, my Aunts, or older friends from the Ladies' Meeting at Church. I have sometime suspected that there is some sort of subsidy from Baptist House going to D C Thomson, to ensure that this worthy organ never goes out of print!


  1. Poor you, hope you will feel much better soon. Rest and sip lemon and honey.

  2. I always wish you were around to make me sunshine toast when I need cheering up - it's one of my favouritest memories of childhood!

  3. Sunshine toast looks lovely. I wish my grill worked :-(

    Hope you feel better soon, keep drinking the honey and lemon.

  4. I hope you feel better, Angela. If those eggs don't make you well, I don't know what will. I like how the whites look like clouds.


  5. I just bought the 140th anniersary edition of the people's friend...$17.95 Cdn!!! But I love it :)

  6. I hadn't realised PF was that old!
    Perhaps Queen Victoria bought it for holiday reading at Balmoral!
    Thanks for all the good wishes - feeling a little better life back to normal, I hope!


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