Sunday 20 December 2009

Advent Reflections #4

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On Tuesday, my girls will be home - and on Friday, we will be all together in Church on Christmas Morning. That is always one of the loveliest moments of the year for me, and very precious. With Dad and Bob both being in ministry, and therefore 'at work' Christmas Morning, I had very few Christmas Days in the company of my parents after I got married.

I still miss my Mum on Christmas Day.

willow tree mother

For lots of reasons, I am pausing today to pray for Mums who are  separated from their children, or children apart from their Mums at this Christmastime. For some a temporary separation - for others, sadly, the deeper pain of bereavement.

For Elizabeth, working out in the Mission School in India, whose Mum is a member of our fellowship here, working in a local school under threat of closure, and whose lovely grandmother has been in hospital recently.

For Scott and Anjanette, our missionaries in Peru - and their Mums back in the UK.

For all those Mums whose children are in the armed forces, and will be serving overseas at Christmas. And for all those young men and women who would much rather be at home in snowy, cold Britain than out on duty in Afghanistan.

For Barbara, the mother of Olaf Schmidt, bomb disposal expert, killed last month in Afghanistan, and all other mothers who mourn.

For the little boy from the school where I teach every Thursday, whose Mum died of cancer just two weeks ago.

My Mum was particularly fond of this Johnny Cash song [it's the first couple of minutes on this YouTube video - ignore the stuff that follows!] It reduces me to tears every time.

Lord bless all mothers and children this Christmas time- whether together, or separated - and remind them that nothing can separate us from your love.


  1. Oh, yes. I wish I could see my mum this Friday, but I have had the sweet opportunity to spend Christmas with her in recent years. She will soak up sun in Arizona and she and my dear dad will revel in the crazy-busy memories of Christmases past. I am SO thankful for our children and their presence over the holidays. I am so thankful for the privilege of motherhood. It has molded and shaped my soul more than any exotic experience or book knowledge ever could. I join you in your tribute to motherhood. Mary was so quiet, storing the joy and feeling the magnitude of LOVE. I wish you laughter and warmth as you enjoy your daughters.

  2. That's a wonderful prayer Angela. I have had many Christmases separated from my children, and it isnt the best thing. I'm sure you will have such a happy time together.

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Wouldn't our Heavenly Father be disappointed in us if we teach our children a lie.

    This is the first year I will not spend Christmas with Daughter Julie as she will be working as a nurse. I hope she will miss me; your post was very touching.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. As a mother who gets to spend Christmas with one of three daughters, I appreciate the prayers :) And love your Willow Tree figurine. So restful! Merry Christmas :)


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