Monday 14 December 2009

Sing Choirs Of Angels...

carol singers It is Carol Singing 24/7 round here at the minute.

We sang Carols at the Nativity yesterday morning, and again at the evening service.

They were playing them in the shops this morning and on the Radio this afternoon.

We are about to go and sing Carols at the Care Homes [there are LOADS in the Parish and so we join with the rest of "Churches Together" tonight and break up into six groups and visit each one]

Tomorrow I am booked for Supply Teaching - and will walk with my class to the Parish Church in their Village for their School carol event - meanwhile Bob will be at our church, where our village school are rehearsing. Wednesday we have the Open Air Carols across the road, and Thursday I am leading a Carol service for our Coffee Drop In Group...the list goes on and is a good job that I truly adore singing Carols!

My friend Julie has posted some helpful advice from the Health and Safety Executive for those of you obsessed with risk assessments [check here] I have read it carefully and will take note of what it says [perhaps!]


  1. Sadly no one knows about Carol singing here, except we English!

  2. Well, the only carols we will get are in our own home, I suspect! The French have never gone really big on carols, and in a multi-national church we have no particular Christmas traditions. Good thing everyone in the family except me plays the piano...

  3. Oh that is so sad! I hope you are able to enjoy some carols in your homes at least. I shall sing "Hark the Herald" especially enthusiastically for you at my next Carol event. [not to mention "Three French Hens"!!]

  4. Actually, the French wrote loads of Christmas Carols. They may well have gone off them now, but take a look at and you'll see lots and lots of traditional, and authentically French, stuff.

  5. Maybe I should gather my singing children and we should do a little hop around our neighborhood. You've inspired me to find the song sheets.


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