Thursday 3 December 2009

PF has been around since Queen Victoria!

balmoral A comment on yesterday's post by Niki, over at Rural Writings in Canada, has alerted me to the fact that the People's Friend is 140 years old this year and they have published a special Anniversary Issue. Do the Royals have copies sent to Balmoral, do you think?


hm at balmoral


"One is feeling a little chilly out here - we shall go inside for some Earl Grey and we shall read our People's Friend. One always treats oneself to a good magazine when one is on holiday. One buys the Dandy for Philip"


A few years back, Bob gave me Alan Bennett's book "The Uncommon Reader" about HM's reading habits. I thought it was very cleverly written...

uncommon reader Feeling a little brighter today so I am off to be busy all over the place.

One day out of action at this time of year leaves so much catching up to do!


  1. I'm sure you are sits with corgis and magazine, feet up, and enjoys a brief moment of peace!

  2. I'll have to check our library for that book...looks interesting :)
    Have a blessed day


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