Thursday 24 December 2009

Cherry Tree, Christmas Tree

It snowed a bit during the night, and we enjoyed not having to get up so early this morning. This afternoon, Bob and I joined some others from the church for more carol singing. Sarah and Guy, who run "Cherry Tree Gifts" had asked if the church could supply some carol singers for this afternoon. Well done to the hardy crew who turned out to support.

Mostly we stood outside, but at the end we went into the shop and sang round the Christmas Tree because our toes were getting cold!Mulled wine, mince pies and coffees were being served inside the shop. The customers seemed to appreciate the singing, and kindly gave us donations for our Christmas Appeal. The square of cobblestones in front of the singers was just a sheet of ice.


I am really impressed that people are willing to give up a couple of hours on Christmas Eve to do this. Thanks, friends! [The dog did not join in the singing though]

Meanwhile the girls wrapped up more gifts, and Liz has found useful recipes for dealing with leftover goose.

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