Thursday 10 December 2009

O Tannenbaum...

The Parish Church in the Village had a Christmas Tree festival



The lantern at the end of the Church path always looks picturesque, but especially so when decorated with Christmas greenery!

Many of the village groups had decorated trees, and these were on the windowsills, interspersed with tableaux from the life of Jesus [e.g. an Easter Garden]



People had worked very hard. The Scout Troop - celebrating their Centenary in the Village- had a very green tree.

There were contributions from WI, RSPB, Brownie Guides, History Group, kirby Kidz, Flower Guild, The Village Players,  Fairtrade Coffee Shop...




And a lovely Willow Tree Nativity display...


...although I notice Mary and the baby were absent [I think they do not get put in place till Christmas Eve]

I came home last night and put my Nativity Set on the mantelpiece.


I like to have the whole family there for the whole time!


Bob came home and said he like the way I had gone 'minimalist' this year with the Christmas decor. I had to tell him that he was sadly mistaken - I had just stopped part-way because I was to tired to do any more!

Waiting for the Window Man has interrupt my usual decorating rituals. Rachel called round this morning and said having the builders in was affecting them in the same way, and that she was thinking of just buying a small artificial tree. "Don't buy one, we have a spare in the loft" I said "Steph got it years ago to have in her bedroom, I know she won't mind you using it"  So Rachel and I went upstairs and she held the ladder whilst I dashed up and collected the box labelled "Stephanie's Tree. 1996, £5 Chair Shop"

Now I always thought people went for these trees because they were convenient, and didn't shed needles like the real thing. We unpacked it, and discovered that it was actually over 5 feet high [too big for Rachel's requirements] and also had begun to disintegrate, badly.


This picture shows a small fraction of the plastic 'needles' on the landing carpet!

Sorry Steph - your tree is now in the wheelie bin!

Tomorrow I hope to put up our tree. Expect more pictures then!


  1. awww, poor tree. I'm just sorry I couldn't provide Rachel with a tree x

  2. What a variety of trees! We have very odd coloured ones here, but this year white seems to be the most popular.
    Ours is Nature intended!

  3. My needle retaining fir is dropping needles!

  4. At our home church we had a tradition that baby Jesus only went into the crib at the ned of the midnight Christmas Eve service - my children traditionally had the task of secretly whisking the baby from it's hiding place into the crib. One year the then minister asked where the baby was kept - my girls looked at him and replied - 'where do think baby Jesus was before he was born?' 'In Mary's tummy' came the reply - 'DOH' was their response and then they walked away but the minister continued to look confused. I took him to the crib, lifted up Mary's dress and showed him the baby safely hidden.

  5. I have [at last] vaccuumed up the needles!!

    I love your story Julie


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