Thursday 3 December 2009

Away in A Manger


The Christmas scene is arranged in the Newsagent's window, remarkably similar to the one I did last year!


There's only so much you can do with one set of wooden figures, eight Poundshop angels and an old blue shower curtain! I draped the cloths differently this time - and now I wonder if it looks as if the Magi and the Holy Family are floating a few feet off the ground! I may have to go back tomorrow and re-arrange things!

We have a busy evening ahead of us - I am going to a Christmas Evening at our Friends And Neighbours group, where Ann, our guest speaker, is talking about Patchwork and Poems.

I love you Man The Men's Group are enjoying a Film Night  ["I love you, man!"] Apparently this is a 'blokes film' [the opposite of a chick-flick presumably] As well as the technical stuff, Bob is responsible for providing the popcorn. He's unearthed the popcorn maker from the garage, consulted Martha Stewart and other USA Cookery Mavens and been experimenting with various toppings. The house has smelt...interesting.

I am hoping there are no tigers round here - I recently discovered that tiger urine smells just like buttered popcorn [oh yes it does - this fact is documented in the worthy tome 'The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans' by Sy Montgomery] and I should hate to attract any of these creatures to my kitchen door!

Christmas food joke

Q: How does Santa like his Pizza?

A; Deep and Crisp and Even


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