Sunday 13 December 2009

Theological Statement For the Week

I got to church unbelievably early to prepare everything for the Children's Nativity Play, and sorted out costumes props etc. But there was something missing...


"Bob, I've looked all over the church, and I am really struggling to find Jesus anywhere!"


  1. Oh, profound. Not a bad reminder when something like that happens, though...

  2. Hi, I came for A Pause in Advent, enjoyed your post there and about the mittens, and had a good laugh at this post. So sweet, so funny, and yet so very vital! :) Have a blessed week!

  3. What a sad statement to make - I do hope and pray that it isn't true!
    We thought Sunday morning service was great with a superb message - mince pies were good too.
    I put socks in the basket, but forgot to put any money in the tube - can I still give?

  4. It certainly is NOT true about our lovely fellowship- for which I am grateful! and we are taking socks, gloves and donations for the next two weeks at least
    Advent blessings x


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