Sunday 27 December 2009

Seventy Six Trombones!

Don't you just love the fact that the French word for 'paperclip' is 'trombone'? Back in August we saw these amazing paperclips in unusual shapes in Staples in Norwich...


We loved the guitars and treble clefs - and the black and white ones together reminded us of piano keys. You could fill a tub with whatever shapes you liked- so Bob and I carefully sorted out a selection. I think other customers must have thought us mad "I've got twenty five guitars - how many hearts do you have?"

We thought they'd make novel Christmas gifts for the Worship Team at Church. These good folk are so committed to enabling the Sunday Worship in one way or another, and it is good to give them a small gift to show our gratitude for all they do, week by week.DSCF0809


I printed out a sheet of A4 card with keyboards, clefs, guitars, hearts and stars, then folded it into three.

Inside, Bob cut some slits with a craft knife and steel rule - then into each card we put an assortment of the paperclips.

Just a small token of appreciation!



[btw - please do not worry that I am at the PC writing this in the early hours of 27th December - I have prepared this post in advance!]

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