Thursday, 21 July 2011

Amo, Amas, A Mattress


You do see some odd sights round here. On the way into Leicester this week, we noticed this double mattress abandoned on the pavement. Looks like the complete opposite of

“Take Up Thy Bed And Walk”

Bob suggested it was clearly a case of matricide!


  1. Hi Angela

    Maybe it was pavement art...

    BTW - I need your email address for the string bag giveaway - so I can mail you if you win! You're in with a good chance, only 2 entrants so far!
    My email is on my blog if you need it.


  2. Thank you, Bob, I've just choked on my coffee!
    Jane x

  3. Makes a change from a shoe! lol!

  4. Thank you for that laugh!!
    I noticed your photo on my sidebar and want to say thank you for following - and now that I've come by, I think I'll do the same thing right back!


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