Saturday, 16 July 2011

Those Brilliant Belgians!

A somewhat unseasonal post, on the subject of Central Heating –but hey, outside the window the sky is grey and it is raining. Not the summery July weather I was hoping for today, to get my washing dry. Furthermore, when I stumbled on this clip last night, I loved it for including two of my favourite topics – knitting and Belgians. – so thought I’d share it with you.

It is an ad for Natural Gas, based on the idea that when the boiler comes on in the morning and the radiators warm up, it is as if the whole house is being wrapped in softest knitting.


It was made – and aired on TV - in Belgium. It is so cleverly produced- if you want to see more about the production of this award winning ad, click here for a 4 minute clip [with English subtitles] showing all that knitting [unravelling]


  1. As an avid knitter - that's brilliant! not sure about unravelling all that hard work though!

  2. That was fascinating! I love the idea of living in a woolly home.

  3. I like the idea of living in a woolly home, too! Thank you! I am still smiling!

  4. Loved it .I could do with being swaddled with knitting today . At present I,m knitting little cakes . 7 going to Tamworth , and 7 to Australia .


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