Monday, 18 July 2011

Buzz Off!

Just explain to me- why would anyone want to enter a competition which involves covering your body with bees? [click here for more pictures on the BBC website]

bees china

Is this what they mean by a ‘Honey Trap’? Wang Dalin finally won in the hour-long contest with 26 kilograms [57lbs] of bees covering his body. That is so terrifying, and so heavy!

Mind you, it is not just the Chinese who ‘wear’ their bees. The new Magners’ ad is just as strange. The 40-second ’Bees’ TV spot centres around Magners’ beekeeper Eamonn, whose bees pollinate 17 varieties of apple that give Magners its “unique taste”. Eamonn goes to unusual lengths to keep an eye on his bees - by wearing them as a beard in the ad.


Bees are wonderful little creatures, honey is delicious, beeswax candles are beautiful – but this is taking it all too far, IMHO!



  1. Angela, I'm not sure what shocks me more, men wearing bees or you using text speak!!
    Jane x

  2. I saw that advertisement and thought it must be computer imaging. I can't bear the thought of anyone 'wearing' bees....


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