Friday, 1 July 2011

Tearing My Hair Out!

Is is just me? or do others out there have this problem?


I open a magazine and a freebie shampoo/conditioner thing falls out. Oh goody! I think. I am going out on Friday evening, I shall use that when I have my shower. And so I climb into the shower with the dual sachet and then I discover it is virtually impossible to open. The central perforation is fine – but that silly little V-shaped nick in the side will not tear properly. I finally get a slit about 5mm long and roll and squeeze the thing – only to have half the stuff shoot out at a weird angle and get washed away. Hunch myself up like Richard III, sheltering my hand from the gushing water and manage to get about half a teaspoonful into my palm [good thing I had my hair cut short!] and end up using a little of my regular shampoo as well.


Admit defeat with conditioner, turn off shower.

Climb out, wrap dripping self in towel and go off to bedroom to find scissors to cut the conditioner sachet open properly.

Return to shower, finish the job.

Not much in that sachet either, although I do manage to extract enough to nourish and condition my locks.

I notice that there is only 8ml [1½tsp] in each sachet – hardly enough product, I would have thought, to benefit my tresses. I mustn’t complain, it is  a freebie after all.  Perhaps I should save them all up, and when I have a dozen or more, squeeze them all into one bottle?

Why can’t they make these things easier to open?

Life’s too short to get into a lather about it. I am off to a Social and Quiz Night with a group of good friends. [With lovely clean hair]


  1. Yes it happens , best thrown in the bin and stick with what you have

  2. What is a Quiz night? And, yes, same experience with samples. Looks like the manufacturer's would make a less frustrating package to give the customers a happy experience. ~Liz

  3. A Quiz Night is when you are in teams [we had 4 lots of four people] and there are a number of rounds [eg history, music, films, books, TV progs, Bible knowledge,sport] and you answer questions. Halfway through you stop for a meal! We had great fun - Bob was in the winning team, and my team came second [just!] They are v popular in British Pubs at the minute. Lots of fun, not too serious.

  4. I use that shampoo (good on 3 huge bottles for £10 in Asda sometimes!) and probably 8ml isn't enough for my hair...

    I have the same problem with sachets of ketchup/vinegar etc - and always end up getting disastrously messy.

  5. I know that vinegar has often been used as a hair rinse - but tell me, honestly, Sarah, do you find that Ketchup makes a good conditioner?!

  6. Well I have found, through thorough testing, that ketchup works better in the hair than as a washing supplement...


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