Thursday, 14 July 2011

Come In Number One!


Bob came with me last night, and stopped to take a couple of photos, before going back to KMFC for a Deacon’s Meeting. Above is yours truly signing in. This was when I discovered that those of us who’d registered in advance had been allocated our numbers on an alphabetical basis. So I was first on the list!

ready for the off

This is me, pale and anxious beforehand! My wonderful friend June, whose husband started the Desford Striders running club, was really amazing- she adjusted her pace and ran beside me all the way- without her encouragement I’d never have done it in such a good time.

warmup Run For Your Man - 13th Jul 2011 - 01

I am not sure how many women did it – most of them looked years younger than me. We had a pre race warm up.

Here’s the official photo of June and myself coming to the finish line

the end Run For Your Man - 13th Jul 2011 - 83

Notice how I am very pink, and she looks like she has just strolled through the park! I got presented with a medal and tee-shirt – and a very welcome bottle of water!

I apologise to the Deacons – my first action afterwards was to text Bob with the message “Tetelestai! 44 minutes, tell Simon!” [as Simon had promised double sponsorship if I did it in under 50minutes] Unfortunately Bob’s phone buzzed in the middle of the Deacons’ Meeting Opening Devotions!

[tetelestai is the Greek for It Is Finished! or It is Accomplished! – see John 19:30]


  1. Way to go, Speedy! Pink is good!

  2. Well, medals are nice, but T-shirts are the finest! Lookin' good! Long way from this time last week - glad you're feeling better. ~Liz

  3. I can feel your joy...look at the HUGE smile on your face!!
    Jane x

  4. Great photos. A friend of mine who runs would tell me there are several sermons in there...

    Well done you. Now I must get earnest in my training...

  5. Fabulous Angela, well done you! Such a wonderful achievement for an excellent cause.

  6. Thanks everyone [and Catriona, there is DEFINITELY a children's talk for this Sunday morning]
    If all sponsorship money comes in, I am expecting around £600
    I don't believe it!

  7. You're number one! I love it. Congratulations on a race well run!



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