Thursday, 7 July 2011

Let Them Eat…Cucumber

I am half sick of shadows salads, said the Lady of Shalott


Confession – yesterday I sat and watched Countdown, with a cup of tea and an Apricot Danish Pastry. It was utterly delicious AND I got a 9-letter word!

However, despite 5 days without doing any exercise, my weight this morning it still what it was last Thursday, so I don’t feel too bad. The problem is that on December 30th 2008, after some serious dieting, I had lost a stone in weight, but my cholesterol level had not altered. So I gave up trying, the GP put me on statins, and the weight came right back.  I’m being tested again next week. I do hope the inclusion of serious exercise this time round has made a difference.

Does anyone out there know of anyone who has managed this cholesterol thing through diet and exercise? Am I wasting my time?


  1. Hi Angela , how did you get on with Statins? The RI put me on Statins and half aspirin . I have been taking them for about a year . My weight has definately gone up and I get a lot of aches and pains . I re,read the inst,. inside the pkt ,. the other day ,it said they can cause joint pain .I hate the weight gain .

  2. You remind me of Anne (of Green Gables) again with your mention of the Lady of Shalott. I'm glad you enjoyed something yummy. Your exercise is no doubt helping a lot.

  3. Statins made my joints ache and I put on weight. I've not been put on aspirins ever. Some friends have said that if you get joint pain an alternative type of statin may help. GP doesn't want to do that if I can get by without. I'll try anything [within reason]

  4. Our GP told Chris that drugs are unable to get cholesterol levels down as low as Chris'.Our levels are so good because we are vegan and ingest 0 cholesterol. The only cholesterol we have is what our bodies naturally have.
    I don't know if this would help you though.
    Jane x

  5. I dunno owt about cholesterol but I'm delighted you put up a picture of my very favourtite painting in the world. Thanks !!

  6. No, you are not wasting your time. My dad has brought his cholesterol down fantastically- I shall investigate this on his return from the Isle of Wight! We're off on holiday too, so I shall have to have a rainbow fest when I return- and your cosy will be winging its appley way then too- I have your address already! Much love, take care- have a great race!

  7. Do you eat high fiber foods? Whole grains, etc.? Some say that has helped them quite a bit. ~Liz

  8. Thank you everyone for the encouragement
    Jane, Can't face going vegan, sorry!
    Lizbeth- yes, the GI diet includes lots of wholegrain high fibre stuff.
    Jean, glad you like the art
    Cottonreel - hope you feel better soon
    Mags- thanks for everything, have a great holiday

  9. what about taking some supplements - garlic is meant to be very good for cholesterol levels.


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