Monday, 25 July 2011

Anchovies, Salmon, Pork, Beef, Chicken & Ham!


I had a fabulous weekend with my girls [and their blokes] in London. I arrived Friday lunchtime in Woking, where Steph works, and collected her – then we had a lovely alfresco lunch in a pub called “Sands” at Bleak House. We enjoyed an antipasti ‘sharing platter’ which included the most delicious anchovies – plus lots of other items. In the evening we met up with Mark at “Wallace & Co” – Greg’s place in Putney.

wallace and co

I enjoyed a super piece of salmon along with two salads – one of an assortment of tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, the other was a mixed green salad. We shared one raspberry pudding between three of us.

We went back to the flat and Steph inflated her newly purchased airbed for me. It felt a little bit soft when I snuggled under the duvet – at 3am I awoke, lying on the floor – it was completely deflated! I decamped to the sofa for the rest of the night. The airbed appears to be faulty, so will have to go back to Milletts.


Visits to my children often seem to involves books and bookshelves- and this weekend was no exception. Saturday morning, Mark and I drove across to Liz & Jon’s to collect a bookcase. Which daughter #1 was giving daughter #2. Jon has taken up sausage making - his artisanal pork products are a sight to behold [I have yet to taste any of them] There was a plate in the fridge so I just had to take a photograph!


He obviously had plenty of thyme when he made these!

I am very impressed by their consistent size and shape. Next visit, I hope I get to sample some of his products.


Saturday afternoon, Steph, Mark and I went to Ham House in Richmond [saving nearly £33 on our entrance fees, with Art Fund passes] All very interesting inside.


We sat outside the Orangery and enjoyed a pot of tea. All terribly National Trust and Civilised! There were some amazing grapes growing along the low wall at the back of the house. I do not know if they ever ripen fully – but they looked superb.

Back to Putney, and I went for a run [all these fancy meals, I cannot let the regime slip!] Mapometer tells me I ran 1.5 miles, 160calories.


On Saturday evening, Liz and Jon came over, and admired the newly relocated and restocked bookcase, and we enjoyed a great beef casserole cooked by Steph. Liz and Jon had brought dessert- interesting biscuits, cheeses [and grapes!]

Sunday morning was amazingly lazy – I sat on the sofa, doing some cross stitch, listening to the Radio 4 morning service from Keswick. I was impressed by the way in which Jonathan Lamb introduced it, with a prayer for the people of Norway. Steph ran, Mark went for a swim – and then Steph cooked lunch. A superb roast chicken, accompanied by veg and a splendid Yorkshire pudding. This is only the second time she has made YP, and I am very impressed


I picked up some windfall apples, and a few blackberries, from the communal back garden, and made a fruit crumble for Steph to put in her freezer. I cannot bear to see wasted fruit – and none of the other residents seem bothered about it rotting on the ground.

wimbledonAfter lunch we walked over Putney Heath to Wimbledon Common. It was quite hot, and we each had a long cool drink of lime-and-soda, then Steph and I got the bus & tube to Balham, where we went to her church. I was made very welcome – although I was conscious of being old enough to be the mother of almost everyone present

All under 35 [apart from one couple in their 40’s] It was a good service, and we were back to Putney by 8.30pm.

Then we loaded my stuff into the car and I drove home – back here around 11pm – tired, but extremely happy. Thanks Steph, Liz, Mark and Jon for giving me such a great time!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend quality time with my wonderful children – and this weekend especially, my heart goes out to mothers who are denied that opportunity.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend - glad you were able to some quality time with your girls

  2. What a lovely time you had, with plenty of interesting things to eat too!

  3. What a lovely weekend you had and I am so impressed with your new regime.


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