Monday, 18 July 2011

Shelf Life

We have lots of bookshelves. Here is a picture of one of our sets of bookshelves – notice the blank spaces.


Shelving in the bedrooms also have spaces now too. In fact this bag was about 80% full this morning, with books for the charity shop.


The volume of the volumes [about 50 in all] was about 33 litres over 1metre of shelf space freed up. Now the books have gone to these shelves instead…

loros shop

…where they should raise some money for a good cause

loros logo

However it is almost impossible for the pair of us to leave a charity bookshop empty handed. We came away with just one book…


The poems are selected and introduced by the poet R S Thomas – and the book is divided into five sections

God, Self, Nothing, It, and All

The book was published in 1963, and the contents date from Chaucer up until about 50 years ago. It is ‘religious’ verse, not specifically Christian. We both thought we’d enjoy it. It is in remarkably good condition for its age – costing us £2 instead of the original three shillings and sixpence. [one website I found suggested that 3/6 then is about £2.45 now – so we got it a bargain!]

And in case you are wondering – we have finally got rid of 30 years worth of Dick Francis novels, a clutch of P D Cornwells and other assorted lightweight fiction. Oh, and The Da Vinci Code. [Why ever did we hang on to that one for so long?] Now I have to tidy up the spaces on the shelves. It is all very liberating, I think I need to do this more often!

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  1. Something I have been doing recently as well. Every time I go down the road, there are usually a few books in NATS (my trolley) to give to the CS.


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