Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Garden Party #2

And I missed it! Bob took a car load of ladies off to the Ladies’ Fellowship Annual Garden Party yesterday afternoon without me. I sat home and rested my throat. Sadly the weather was not great -

Some brave souls sat under one gazebo…


…but the rest of the garden umbrellas were deserted, and the swing-seat cushions had to be rescued from the rain.


Everyone else looked on from the conservatory – enjoying their salads and strawberries and scones. Thank you Bob, for taking the photos- and thank you Sylvia, for hosting the event [and for sending Bob home with a lovely plate of chicken salad for me!]


  1. Looks like something Hyacinth Bucket would have engineered! LOL Hope the chicken salad went down well and your throat is feeling much better, Liz

  2. I'm so glad you stayed home to get well, Ang.
    I am going to tell my pastor son, Brad, about Bob's blog. I think he'd like perusing all your "give your life away" doings.


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