Saturday, 9 July 2011

Running For Home!

This afternoon, Chris and I went to the Summer Fayre at the local home for the visually impaired – the weather, which had been gloomy earlier, was lovely…


The pets in the ‘small animal petting area’ were sensibly shaded


And the bouncy castle and slide were popular


I resisted all the foodstuffs on sale, ignored the raffles, and just made a few purchases…


…this came to £1.85p in total – a sage plant for the Cornerstones garden, a pair of salad servers and a pie slice, also for Cornerstones [from the wonderful, vintage “Viners Profile” range] and a 1955 Roy Rogers Annual [I just fancied reading something a little different, that’s all!]

Forest Chapel LFEThen later on in the afternoon we went up to see our friends Ruth and Ian at Forest Chapel, who were hosting a Strawberry Tea. At this point, Chris suggested I should run home! It seemed a good idea, so I did. According to Mapometer, it is 1.62 miles and I did it in 20 minutes. Feeling smug!


  1. Well done you! If it was as warm there as here that was a very challenging ask. You'll be brill in your run, I just know it.

  2. We have many of Roy Rogers movies. Clean entertainment, and the good guys always win! He and wife Dale Evans were fine Christian people. ~Liz

  3. Go, Ang, go! The pets are cute. You are keeping Chris busy.

  4. Chris - school9 July 2011 at 22:34

    We were at the KR summer fayre too. Those rabbits were huge!! I didn't resist the food unfortunately and consumed a huge viennese whirl. Emma and I are doing Race for Life tomorrow in Mum's memory. I however will only be walking the 5k. No time to train seems like a good excuse. Sure you will do brilliantly in your run.


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