Monday, 11 July 2011

Three Little Maids From School…

30daysofcreativity I mentioned one day back in the month of creativity that I could not show that day’s creation, because it involved surprise gifts. But today I can show you, because today I am giving them to three charming young ladies. It is the other school production [Alice]

When I did the fittings, the two ‘Alice’ actors, and the Mad Hatter were so polite and appreciative, I felt they deserved keepsakes of their starring roles in the Leavers’ Production. I used scraps of the costume fabric and dressed three little bears in costume for them.


I embroidered “Alice 2011” on felt, using my Janome Memorycraft machine, and then hand-stitched the ovals to their paws. These teddies all have rather grumpy expressions [maybe they didn’t like being in a bin in the charity shop, sold off for 50p each?]

I have obviously dressed far too many bears this summer [around 25 I think] as dear Mags has now seen fit to beatify me for my labours!


  1. Elizabethd, not anonymous;
    What a touching gift for the children. I do agree, the teddies look very bad tempered, maybe they wanted different colours??

  2. What a lovely memento for them, I am sure they will be thrilled. And what a great way of rewarding positive attitudes.

    Maybe the bears will learn to smile...?

  3. Chris - school11 July 2011 at 21:05

    Emma says the teddies are "well cute" and the mice apparently!


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