Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Faith, Hope, and Charity [Shopping]

Lakota, over at the F,H & CS blog recently organised a swap. The rules were that you had to include some charity shop bargains, crafty bits and something handmade. My partner was Pene up in Scotland. She is a Very Generous lady. This morning a parcel arrived


Inside the parcel were beautifully wrapped packages…


…first, I opened a handmade card…


Then, with mounting excitement, I opened the gifts

…two vintage crochet doilies


…a lovely green necklace


..and from Pene’s stash, two little packs of coordinating crafty bits


…and at the bottom of the box, a large flat parcel


…I was whooping with glee at this one. Believe it or not, friends, I actually picked up a copy of this yesterday! I looked at in the Charity Shop in Leicester, but reluctantly decided that this month, finances didn’t warrant buying it. And here it is – all the way from Scotland. I feel so blessed. Thank you Pene for your thoughtfulness


And thanks, Lakota, for organising the swap.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it - you've got some fantastic bits and pieces from Pene there, how incredible she sent you the very book you'd been after! The card is lovely too. I'm going to do a similar swap nearer to Christmas if you're interested.

  2. What amazing loot! And how funny that the book you looked at and wanted showed up on your doorstep. I love stories like that.


  3. Oh Angela, what a lucky girl you are . In all my blogging swaps I have only recieved 1 postcard and 1 12" patchwork block . both lovely swaps but !

  4. Oh, how lovely. I do like that sort of swap.


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