Saturday, 30 July 2011

Summer Holiday

summerholidayI first encountered Una Stubbs back in 1963, on that double decker bus with Cliff Richard and co…

Then about twenty years later, as a young Mum, I found Una’s craft books in our little library in Bexleyheath – In Stitches, and A Stitch In Time.

They were great books, with lots of ideas. Using her book as inspiration, I did a little cross stitch picture of a Gloucester Old Spot Pig [US’s bro-in-law, Joe Henson founded the Cotswold Farm Park – and we’d visited it on holiday]I wonder where that stitching went?

stubbs in stitchesstubbs stitch in time

And now she is back on our screens as Mrs Hudson, in ‘Sherlock’, with those talented young men, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. She’s looking a little older now [well she is 74!]

sherlock stubbs hudson

The current ‘Sherlock’ on Wednesday nights is a re-run of the first series- I understand there are new episodes on the way. I do like Benedict [but then his mother is Wanda Ventham – popular with one member of my family since the 60’s!] And my Liz now works in Baker Street, so that’s another link.


I must try and find Una’s books in a charity shop somewhere – and do some more summer holiday stitching…


  1. I am guessing you've spotted that you could get them 1p each, plus postage, from Amazon?

    Oh dear, summer 1963... your extra few years make all the difference there! I was a mewling babe back then.

  2. I remember Wanda Ventham from a series set in Greece, I think. She was lovely, and I haven't heard of her for so long.


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