Saturday, 2 July 2011

Garden Party #1

This afternoon we were invited to join our friends Janet and Peter, Gillian and Paul for a Garden Party – both couples have recently celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversaries. So they had a lunch for their Housegroup, and kindly invited us along. Janet and Paul are two of our hardworking deacons.

We met in J&P’s gorgeous garden


The sun was very bright [as you see from the shadows of the parasols] I was glad of my sun hat!


We had a delightful buffet lunch – and admired the flowers


Peter knows all about insects – I'm not sure what this one is!



It is believed that the name foxgloves is a corruption of folks’-gloves,  that is, fairy gloves


A wonderful crop of pears was ripening against the wall


Thank you, friends, for sharing your happy get-together with us – may you continue to know God’s blessings in the years ahead!

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