Saturday, 2 July 2011

Where Did This Come From?

sore throat

In a week when I have not actually been in school teaching, or using my voice a lot, I have woken with an incredibly sore throat. I feel as if I have the beginnings of a cold, and ache all over. Bob has been really kind, bringing me breakfast in bed and encouraging rest – no running today, he says.

I am being sensible – but not finding it easy. Can’t afford to get ill now, not the week before my run. More generous friends last night signed my sponsor form – I cannot possibly let all these people down.


  1. Is there a chance that it is hay-fever? If you aren't already try some anti-histamenes as they can be good for colds anyway.

  2. You will be fine for the run. Your body is demanding that you give it some R&R. Too much creativity in June, it needs exactly what Bob is proposing! I have a fabulous friend, Kidsnadcaper@blogspot who has lost masses of weight in one year and is now also addicted to running- you should check in with her! She has tendon issues this week, and is also finding it difficult not to go go go!!

  3. Be kind to yourself. I'm sure you'll be fine by the time of your run, and if, perchance, you aren't, you are not letting anyone down.

    Maybe it's classic teacher end-of-year disease? Lots of teachers I know seem to get it!

  4. Stay in bed! Sleep restores! I'm saying a prayer for you RIGHT NOW.

  5. Always helps me to gargle with very warm salt water every hour and sip tea doctored with honey and lemon. Hope you are feelign better very soon! ~Liz


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