Sunday, 3 July 2011

“Church” Isn’t A PLACE Where We Go…

…it’s a FAMILY where we belong


This was the day when we piled outside for the annual KMFC Family photograph [altho some folk are already off on Summer Holidays]

Then we went off to the Park for the Picnic


At KFC, we’d been doing the story of Peter and the sheet full of animals [Acts 11] and the children had made sandwiches and decorated cakes for the picnic. But as so many folk had brought their own packed lunch, we had a major surfeit of sarnies. Bob wandered round with a tray, offering food to complete strangers who were walking past! These two ladies were happy, anyway


Well, if Chris Duffett can do it in Blackpool

We came back from the picnic at 2pm and I have done nothing all afternoon – and I feel exhausted! It is now 5.45pm. Bob has just gone to the Evening Service, and said he expects to find me tucked up in bed on his return, when he will make me a honey and hot lemon drink. I am not arguing!


  1. What a brilliant idea, taking a photo each year.

  2. What an awesome picture of church! Do hope you are feeling much better very soon, Liz

  3. Oh, you do need to rest! Poor Ang!

  4. I can't find you in the photo- though I have three candidates- were you still preaching at the fried church (is this an English Baptist thing, frying churches?)- and why has no-one reported the alien in the centre?

  5. I am not in THIS picture, because I am behind the camera! We only have Kirby Fried Church [KFC] once every couple of months. The alien in the centre is half Scottish [and was ahead of the game with the facepainting for the picnic]


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