Monday, 11 July 2011

Mouse To Mouse Resuscitation

Over the weekend – while Chris watched the Golf and Bob watched the Grand Prix, I knitted for Battersea! The pattern was Very Easy, but came out different every time, depending on the yarn I was using. It took a number of goes to get the nose right.

One mouse had a very porcine snout, and more than one had a proboscis like an aardvark!


But I used up lots of odd balls of yarn and I am sure the cats will be happy playing with them, whatever they look like. I’ll take them down to London when I visit the girls in a fortnight’s time.

I did not have any catnip to put in these – but some of them contain squeakers…


These strange little plastic items are £1.25 from Button Boutique, and have no dangerous parts to come loose. They make a larger size as well [presumably for larger toys like teddy bears]

You just squeeze them, and Eeek!



If you ask me, this wee beastie is neither



     or tim'rous !


  1. Just saw him on the stairs, no wait...,he had clogs on!!!
    Jane x

  2. Brilliant. Such a good idea to use up all the bits and cats have such fun with these toys.

  3. Wonderful! Wish I could knit!! Dxx
    Loved the word recognition - juxilly! What a fantastic adjective! Use in a dentence - "He looked at her juxilly!" Hilarious!!!!

  4. Cute! I like the variety of snouts. See? You are being creative again!


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